Lightroom Free and Paid Develop Presets

While looking for presets I found that many links were broken, so I am posting this list here with credit going to The Lightroom Queen.

Free Lightroom Develop Presets

These are some of the most popular websites for downloading presets.  The presets listed here are a mix of PV2012 (Lr4/5) and earlier (PV2010/2003), and I’ve split them into Free vs. Paid to help your search.  If you know of any more that you think should be included, please let me know.  Enjoy!

Free Presets



Digital Photo Buzz

Flickr Group

F/Stop Spot

Inside Lightroom

Lightroom Killer Tips (Matt Kloskowski)

OnOne Presets

Presets Heaven

Presets Galore

Preset Love

Free Lightroom Presets (free sign up required)


Free & Paid Presets


Delicious Presets

MVR Presets


Official Lightroom Exchange

Preset Pond

Sean McCormack

Seim Effects

Silky Presets

Trey Ratcliff

Wonderland Presets

Wow Presets




Only Paid Presets

Color Shop


Jared Platt



Lightroom Presets

MCP Actions

One Willow

Photography Planet


Preset Place

Pretty Presets


Pro Presets

Really Nice Images

Serge Ramelli

Shark Pixel

SLR Lounge

Totally Rad

VSCO Film 

There’s also a long list of less well known presets you might like to explore here too: ProPhotoShow



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