3D Filament Length Calculator - Weight versus Volume PLA ABS PETG Nylon Filament

Do I have enough filament left to make my print? It's telling me I need 25 meters, but my PLA filament spool is nearly gone. How much filament do I  have left?

First, I weighed my remaining spool with the filament on it. Then, I subtracted the weight of the spool. An average empty one-kilogram spool of PLA filament weighs between 220-260 grams. My filament spool weighed 400 grams, so I have around 150 grams of PLA. This calculator is telling me I have enough for my print! (~50 meters)Calculator 385506 1280

3D Filament Length Calculator

Average 1 kg PLA spool weighs 250 g

Here is the difference in weight versus volume for PLA and ABS plastic.

PLA weight versus volume

  • PLA Density: 1.25 g/cm³
  • PLA Volume: 0.80 cm³/g or 800 cm³/kg
  • 1.75 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 330 meters / ~ 1080 feet
  • 3.00 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 110 meters / ~ 360 feet

ABS weight versus volume

  • ABS Density: 1.04 g/cm³
  • ABS Volume: 0.96 cm³/g or 960 cm³/kg
  • 1.75 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 400 meters / ~ 1310 feet
  • 3.00 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 130 meters / ~ 430 feet

Using these factors, it’s pretty easy to convert into length from the weight. If you have enough material to do a print, even if your slicing software is telling you the requirement in meters. It's also possible to do this style of calculation with other materials using the 3D Filament calculator above.


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