Make a Time Lapse Video with Adobe Premiere Pro

Creating a movie from your star trails images takes only a few more steps using Adobe Premiere. Use the images you created while making your star trails image.

  1. Open Adobe Premiere and click New Project
    Adobe Premiere New Project
  2. Select a name and click OK
  3. Select a 1080p sequence preset.
  4. Click File then Import or Command + I
    Adobe Premiere Import
  5. Select Image Sequence
    Adobe Premiere Import Image Sequence
    1. Find the images that you created for your star trails image
    2. Check Image Sequence checkbox.
    3. Click Import
  6. Drag the new Image Sequence from the Project window to the Timeline
  7. Press Spacebar to Play your Star Trails movie / video.
    To view it full screen, click on the Preview Monitor window and press the Tilde (~) key.


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