Watch MonoPrice Voxel 3D Print on WiFi or LAN Network

I have been using Polar Cloud 3D to login and check on my printer remotely, but I thought there should be an 'easier' way to see the progress of my 3D printer without logging in. It turns out to be a simple web address with a port and a single parameter at the end.

It took me a while to find the address of the live video stream URL for my Monoprice Voxel. Thankfully I did, and now I use it every time I am 3D printing an object.

URL format for viewing an MP Voxel 3D printer camera on a local network

// IPADDRESS is the IP address of your MP Voxel
// PORT is 8080
// PARAMETER is ?action=stream


// Here is my the link to my MP Voxel webcam live stream
// Copy and paste this address into a web browser to see what your 3D printer can see.
// Be sure to change the IP address to your IP address.

Example screenshot viewing MP Voxel 3D printer webcam

MP Voxel   Screenshot 2021 01 15 172718

How to find the IP address of your MonoPrice MP Voxel 3D Printer

  1. Turn on your MP Voxel 3D printer
  2. Tap Tools
  3. Tap About
    • Press the right arrow two times
    • Your IP address should be at the top
      • Example:

It will be the same IP address you use in the MonoPrice MP FlashPrint software.

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